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Discern Analytics 2.0 (DA2)

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Discern Analytics 2.0 (DA2)

We offer DA2-specific Training Services that allow our expert resources to build a training structure tailored specifically for your team and site, no matter what level of experience. We’ll make sure your customized training matches your staff’s expertise and goals. With our Cerner DA2 Training Services, we offer unique benefits including:

  • As-needed training on the Cerner DA2 module (Can be done onsite or virtually)
  • Follow-up mentoring sessions a week or more post-training to answer questions attendees may have come across while working with the software in real-life scenarios
  • A billing model based only on actual project hours worked with no bucket minimums and no long-term contact obligations


Liberty Solutions DA2 Training Services

On-Site or Virtual Training Available

    For more information, contact one of our Account Managers...

    Senior Account Manager

    Aaron Connacher

    800-550-1207 ext. 308


    Account Manager

    Jake Podger

    800-550-1207 ext. 403